About us


In the year 2020 TELERADIOLOGY of COLOMBIA DIAGNOSTIC DIGITAL SPECIALIZED S.A.S. will be considered to be a strategic partner of customers, recognized in Colombia and internationally by the experience and reliability in the interpretation of images diagnostic in a timely manner and of high quality.


We are a team trained, supported by technology, in direct and friendly contact with its customers, providing confidence and experience in the interpretation of diagnostic images in a safe and timely manner throughout the national territory.


Quality Politics

TELERADIOLOGY of COLOMBIA DIAGNOSTIC DIGITAL SPECIALIZED S.A.S is a Colombian company, pioneer in the interpretation of diagnostic images in the form of telemedicine, always oriented towards the safety of patients, supported by technology Tip and a team of specialized and committed to his job, generating improvement strategies allowing to issue diagnoses more reliable and timely, serving at the same time with the regulations and with the requirements of customers, as a contribution to the health of our patients who finally are our reason for being.

What is the Teleradiología?

It is the transmission digital diagnostic images from the place of generation to a remote diagnostic Teleradiology Center applies new tools of information technology and telecommunications for simple, quick and safe to solve the growing need for interpretation of studies by images, secondary to the increase of installed equipment and the low number of specialists in diagnostic imaging.

Our Medical Team


Colombia Teleradiology Network Diagnostics specialized Digital: SASPACS/VPN CRT.

  • Bogota headquarters administrative.
  • Radiologist Barranquilla.
  • Radiologist Bucaramanga.
  • Radiologist Bogota.
  • United States.
  • Mexico.
  • Spain.


Teleradiología de Colombia S.A.S.